LH RDF is a WordPress plugin that automatically creates a SIOC compliant RDF XML feed of WordPress posts, categories, tags, and authors.

E.G. http://example.com/feed/lhrdf/ or http://example.com/?feed=lhrdf, or see live example here:

It comes with embedded content negotiation and adds a link attribute in the <head> section for auto discovery.

Publishing a feed in RDF XML with dereferencable URI properly exposes all the public WordPress objects and doing so in the SIOC format does so in a standardised way.

It is the first in a series of plugins to enable WordPress to be a true semantic blog engine. More documentation and content will be added in time concerning the plugin.

Adds a new type of feed you can subscribe to, e.g. http://example.com/feed/lhrdf/ or http://example.com/?feed=lhrdf containing semantic data in rdf format. This allows the production of SIOC meta data from your weblog.

Inspired by Uldis Bojars’ work for the SIOC project: http://sioc-project.org/wordpress/

A working example of the feed can be seen here: http://localhero.biz/feed/lhrdf/


  1. Full download instructions are at the bottom of this article.
  2. Login to WordPress Admin. Go to the Plugins section and activate LH-RDF

Your feed should then be ready to go.


Download LH-RDF from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

3 thoughts on “LH RDF”

  1. Thanks for building semantic tools for WordPress! To create the semantic links and endpoint, do we install ALL the LH plugin or just the LH Tools plugin?

    We’re putting together a wiki to organize tips yoga teachers can use to make standard yoga classes accessible to deaf or hard of hearing students.

    A lot of the knowledge is experiential, so we want to make a place where teachers can share tips. We want to link to background data in DBPedia and use LH tools to create linkable data for mashups.

    The vision: A deaf student comes to class. The teacher reviews the planned sequence in an application, and selects “Deaf”, “Essential” and “Safety cues” or “Communication techniques” . The app presents communication tips like using a fan or a light-bulb dimmer to signal pose changes, and essential safety signs that should be delivered for specific poses.

    Once the data’s organized semantically, we can use the same query function to organize yoga teacher classes and pocket guides. We can also work on minihackathons to solve some simple problems, like creating inexpensive LED-figures to visually convey breathing exercises.

    Thoughts or recommendations?

    1. It depends on your needs.

      LH Tools endpoint is a store for rdf triple data, with sparql querying. It also has some bundled widgets.

      lH RDF publishes your existing data in an rdf format (this data could then be loaded in the endpoint). Note it only publishes the triples inherent in wordpress.

      LH Relationships allows you to add additional rdf triples to the data published in LH RDF by defining your own relationships. Note LH Relationsionships is very much alpha software so its rather buggy. The other two plugins should work perfectly.

  2. nice plugin! Exactly the one i was looking for! It’s hard to find actual implementations of semantic web like this one. All i’ve seen so far is just theorical. The student i am will learn a lot from this thank you =)

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