LH Show

LH show is a plugin that provides of configurable JavaScript slideshow based on galleria.

Unlike of there WordPress plugins that provide this functionality LH show is intended to be simple, standards compliant, and ready to use after initial configuration.



How to get this plugin up and running

Okay so you’ve installed the plugin and your wondering how I get it up running showing images and video like the above example. Well its pretty simple:

  1. After you have installed and activated the plugin create a new category with the slug “featured”.
  2. Assign which ever posts you wish to include in your slider to that category.
  3. Please ensure that each “featured” post has a large thumbnail image assigned as its featured image.

Then finally simply include the [lh_show_galleria_short] shortcode in you post or theme.

Any questions or requests for support please add a comment below.

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