Fair Use

LocalHero acts as a cross between a search engine and a magazine, with content served to users based on their location. In doing so LocalHero will index and store articles on its server. However in doing so LocalHero will always endeavour to comply with the long-established legal precedent of Fair Use. Please read the FAQ’s below to understand how we are complying.

Why are images and text from my site appearing on your front page?

LocalHero provides a summary and an individual image for each article on its front page. This activity is allowed under fair use and is similar to how search engine like Google present indexed content. in all cases the full article is never published, the author is always credited, and a link is proved to the full article on the external site.

Why is a cache of my article appearing on your site?

LocalHero index’s 100′s of articles daily and analyses their content semantically to identify the people, places, and events mentioned. As part of this process a local cache of the original article is created. This sort of behaviour is allowed and precedents already exist. In all cases the original article is linked too and LocalHero utilises rel canonical to ensure that any search engine love is directed to the original article.

Why if I have any other questions?

Give me a call and I’ll be happy to discuss:

Peter Shaw, 0414 315 957