How to

Please note that LocalHero is currently is currently very much in a preliminary or testing phase (beta in geek speak). All the below features should work as descrbed but may from time to time be inactive as development continues

At LocalHero we plan to keep things simple. There are only two things LocalHero is designed to do. The first is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to discover local knowledge (new, information, reviews, local history whatever).

The second is two make it as easy as possible for local people to publish or link to local knowledge.


LocalHero is a local earch engine. To find local news, comments, reviews etc simply pan and zoom the map at the top of the screen. As the map moves the content displayed will change automatically with no need to refresh your browser.

It’s that simple!

Publish & Link

If there is some information, news, or comment about a local area that is not already on the web you can add content to LocalHero simply by panning and zooming to the appropriate location and double clicking the location (on the map) that information relates too. From there just follow the publish button. This will give you a HTML editor which you can use too to publish away..

At LocalHero we realise that the best local knowledge may already be online. Its just hard to find. Shortly we will be adding a new feature in which you can suggest an article or even a whole website and LocalHero will automatically index it and link to it!

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